How Crypto Side & Cashback App will work together.

To make the Crypto side and Cashback App work together effectively, we have to make sure that crypto-users who deposit their LSDFi Stablecoins or LST tokens to generate yields to the cashback app will see a higher return than the base APY of just holding the tokens. This is effectively done using the BCKGOV emissions, the goal of bound is to allow exisiting LSDFi Stablecoin holders to get an extra utility with their token, whilst providing a higher base APY and also provide a real-world use case for the masses.

Updates for Cashback App V2

In future updates, we'll enhance the Cashback App so that users who both stake $eUSD and use the app receive a higher daily allowance rate than the standard rate.

To accomplish this, we'll monitor how much $eUSD each user contributes and prioritize them when distributing $eUSD rewards for their daily allowance. Also once a user has made their cashback, they can convert this cashback to $BCKGov and put it into the $BCKGov savings account to earn additional yield of 4.8%. (4.8% applies if LSD and LSDFi stablecoin yields are split, 55% to collateral depositors, 30% to BCK savings account, 10% to cashback app and 5% to protocol).


Let's say User E deposits 133,000 $eUSD and stakes it. If the rewards generated allocated to the Cashback App fund amount to $600 $eUSD per year (based on a 4.5% reward rate, and after accounting for the app's cut), that $600 $eUSD would typically be shared among all app users as part of their daily allowance. This would increase collectively everyone's accumulated Spending Limit by $5000 if 0.36 = $600 and cashback rate is 12%. (If there are 10 cashback app users for example, each users Spending Limit in a year would increase by $250 per year.)

However, in later versions of the Cashback App, we could prioritize 50% of this amount ($300) to go specifically to User E. This means that while the base daily allowance from User E's contribution would be $2500 over the year only. User E account specifically would also get an additional boost of $2500 in spending Limit. (so altogether in a year from User E's $eUSD contribution, User E's spending Limit would increase by $250 + $2500)

This approach allows us to maintain a Cashback App where the average non-blockchain user doesn't have to stake any tokens or subscribe, while still rewarding those who contribute to the Crypto side of the app. This will lead to more $eUSD staking, enabling us to onboard more users to the Cashback App and increase the Total Value Locked (TVL) for the protocol.

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