How do we incentivise Crypto User Participation ?

The big question for many users is how do we incentivise users in the crypto side to contribute and stake their yield bearing assets compared to other Protocols. We plan to boost participation on the Crypto side by increasing the yield on BCKGov Savings Accounts. As well as boost APY using the BCKGOV token in a similar way to how lybra finance boost yields using eslbr emissions. Essentially when a user stakes 2.5% (1- 3% depending on DAO vote) of their LSD or LSDFI deposit value in BCKGOV, they'll be eligible to earn BCKGOV emissions that get distributed daily (3-5% on their LSDFi or LSD deposits). These emissions are in esBCKGOV, a 1:1 version of BCKGOV that needs vesting over 30 days. The result is we would offer an overall boost in apy by (20 - 30%). For example, the base APY for Lybra's eUSD is 8%, with bound this can be boosted to 13% APY on their eUSD + the user will recieve a larger cashback limit from the base amount, and theyll be able to earn cashback. Calculations : (8 - 25%) = Crypto-side user is left with 6% APY on their eUSD after taking 25% cut to distribute to cashback app. Then this user deposits 2.5% of the deposited amount of eUSD in BCKGOV. So if someone deposits $5000 worth of eUSD, then they need to deposit $125 worth of BCKGOV to receive $BCKGOV emissions of 4% APY on their eUSD, that means this users APY will be 10% APY + they'll recieve a cashback limit to spend on the cashback app. However if they don't maintain this 2.5% threshold any earned emissions will be sold to other users at 40% of the price of BCKGov. This payment will be burnt forever, once we give 25% of this to the protocol. We'll also use ETH validators funded by protocol treasury funds and backed by protocol profits and Liquidity. The rewards from these validators will enhance the BCK Savings Account yield as well as be used to buy BCKGOV and burn it to maintain selling pressure on BCKGOV. Partnerships and Integration. To attract more liquidity to our protocol we will allow users to use a variety or LSDFi stablecoins and LST tokens. This means we can cater to the existing liquidity in the market from several LSDFi Protocols. We plan to integrate with Mainnet & L2 protocols such as Lybra Finance, Origin Protocol, Prisma Finance, Reserve and Seneca.

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