What is BCK ?

$BCK, Bound Finance's robust stablecoin, is pegged to the US dollar and underpinned by an 1:1 ratio of eUSD, and other yield bearing stablecoins , ensuring its value remains stable and secure and the assets backing it are diversed.

BCK serves as a way to reduce opportunity costs using LSDFi Stablecoins. Instead of spending your yield bearing stablecoins and losing on future interest yield, you can mint $BCK 1:1 and spend this as you would normally with a stablecoin, whilst still accuring interest on your LSDFi stablecoin and using it to boost your cashback spending limit.

$BCK cost 0% interest to use within the DeFi ecosystem.

When is the Loan to be Repaid?

Bound Finance Protocol doesn't have a predetermined $BCK repayment schedule. As the collateral backing $BCK is a stablecoin ($eUSD / stable yield bearing assets), you shouldn't see any liquidations.

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