Token Allocation

A total supply of 20,000,000 BCKGov token will be allocated as below:

Allocation%Access at Protocol launch (AAL)Vesting




Decided that liquidity must be vested over 1.5 years linearly after community vote. We will be putting this as Dex/Cex Liquidity where we pair with ETH from treasury. Distribution will also include the emissions of BCKGOV that boosts CDP yields

Seed, Community Backers, IDOs and VCs



100% AAL, 10% for pre-seed/seed/community at TGE (purchases above 5 ETH) then linear vesting 3 months. 4% is left for any VC contribution however if this is not made then it will go towards liquidity, and vesting will be 10% unlock 3 month vesting.

Core Team



12 month cliff then linearly vesting over the subsequent 2 years. Core Team allocation is small because our revenue/income will come from validator fees, as well as liquidations.

Ecosystem Incentives

12% (14% if voting shares are removed. Base on DAOs decision).

5% for airdrop emission to users.

5% of the total supply will be allocated to airdrop participants, 10% unlock 5 month linear vesting. then linearly vesting over 2 years the rest of the tokens.

Protocol Treasury



0 AAL, Cliff 3 months, vesting over 2 years after linearly. Used for incentivising new hires and to pay for protocol expenses e.g Marketing costs. dev costs plus additional VC raising rounds. Also in the future we could deploy possible burns in the future to stabilise price. When new staff has joined cliff for 6 months then vesting over 3 months with 3 equal distributions.


2% (To be confirmed)


Fully unlocked at mainnet Launch, used as proposal power for the DAO, the minimum vote to make a change is 4% but this is subject to change by the DAO. the voting tokens will have set limitations set by the BoundDAO, and will only be used to create proposals. This is done with the zodiac app for Gnosis SAFE

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