The Mission

Bound Finance presents a breakthrough solution, transforming any existing Visa, Mastercard, or Amex card into a high-cashback card that offers a generous 12 - 15% on every transaction.

Our service eliminates the need for additional cards, separate accounts, token staking, or subscription plans. Through the integration of the Plaid API, we monitor each transaction across all your credit or debit cards, rewarding you with a substantial 12-15% cashback based on the daily rate for every transaction.

With this approach, we provide a significant buffer against the recent surge in inflation rates. For instance, in the United States, the annual inflation rate reached 4.0% as of May 2023. A cashback rate of 12-15% can significantly counterbalance these inflation effects, delivering real, tangible value to all users - even those with minimal exposure to the crypto sphere.

By resolving a real-world issue, Bound Finance is not just pioneering in the fintech space, but also paving the way for one of the very few mainstream applications of cryptocurrency. We aim to bridge the gap between the traditional and crypto economies, ensuring everyone can harness the power of digital assets.

The way we do this is by utilising LSDFi cashback. We will be discussing further how this works.

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